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About our Logo

UR CFO – Our logo speaks a thousand words about our business. UR CFO in simple terms means “We are your CFO”

CFO is an abbreviation for Chief Finance Officer. Thus implying that we meet all the expectations you would have from your own CFO without necessarily engaging a CFO on full time basis and incurring the cost thereon. The vibrant and rock solid Blue colour theme in our
logo reflects our dynamism, agility and ability to structure ourselves as per the requirements of the client.

Our Logo is designed with the soul objective growing in business.


UR CFO is a leading company having experienced and highly qualified Chief Finance Officers to help you organize the financial operations of your company and there by accelerate your growth. This means you don’t need to have a full time in-house CFO when you can hire us and save your extra cost.

Our team comprises of Professionals like Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Investment Bankers, Legal Professionals, Management Graduates, HR Professionals and a team of highly experienced recruiters operating from 15 states at present. Depending on the requirements, our team will have an on-site or off-site presence in your organisation.

UR CFO serves companies across all Industry sectors, may it be small organisations or big multinational companies. We offer wide range of CFO services for start-ups as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our constant support and advisory will facilitate you to make better business decisions. UR CFO works towards identifying any lapse in the system and fixing everything by providing integrated and tailor-made solutions, so that you can focus on your core business functions while we take care of the rest.

Our services include Private Equity Funding, Accounting and Finance related services and also allied Human Resource related services. So from playing a key role in steering your business through mergers and acquisitions to restructuring your business, or from helping you through a crunch in your cash flows to providing you best finance solutions, we become your reliable partner.

UR CFO Strengths


UR CFO Strengths in Banking Industry

Concurrent Audit

“ Performed & Lead Concurrent Audit under guidance of Industry Experts. ”

Stock Audit

“ Huge Team of experienced staff to conduct the Stock Audit as per Banks requirement, Centrally Managed Processes. ”

Project Reports

“ In-depth knowledge detailed Project Reports based on clients requirement. ”

HR - Services

“ Provide Part – Time and contracted staff, Recruitment Capabilities, 3rd Party Manpower Services fully compliant to Statutes. ”

Accounting For Your
Business’s Success.

Because you can’t have a well managed business without
well managed money.

Opportunities we want to Explore

Concurrent Audit

Statutory Audits for Banks

Statutory Audit for Banks Clients

Fixed Assets Verification & Audit as per IFRS Requirement


Certification Assignments for Banks & its Clients

Certification for Company Formation

Registration for Clients under Various Statutes like


Stock Audit

Stock Audit for Banks for its Clients

Stock Audit for FMCG Companies

Stock Audit for Highly Perishable products stored in Cold Storages

Valuation & Project Report

Business Valuation

Business Modelling for Various Bank Facilities

Project Financing though liaison with Banks and NBFC’s