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Every day that is here is a life. We live in a world where days never stop coming.

Love, happiness, mood swings, laziness, work mode, ups and downs, daydreams, fear, nightmares, problems, hopes, expectations, confidence and insecurity, focus and lack thereof, unforgettable accomplishments, and many more are all part of everyday life. All this, though, is a fact of life.

Everybody has goals they want to accomplish in life. Anything could be possible, depending on our desires. Generally speaking, everyone aspires to have a prosperous business, a job advancement, a solid income, a global tour, celebrity and fame, earnings, luxurious items, awards, and certifications. However, in our rush to accomplish these goals, we all overlook the most crucial aspect of life—INNER PEACE & INNER HAPPINESS. While everyone chases for external achievements, but no one thinks about internal achievements. Our Soul also needs peace.

I have also made the same mistake with my inner self. Never considered that it was preoccupied with chasing after an outside source. ONE DAY, I realized what I was doing. What shall I finally hold in my hands in a day or in my entire life—without inner contentment and tranquillity? I discovered that in addition to running nonstop, I should also sit, take a break, and chase my happiness.
And ONE DAY, I achieved my inner happiness. I was happy inside; I loved it and could feel it. That ONE DAY has Life. That ONE DAY has whole. And that ONE DAY is Every day.

In addition, I struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem, and social anxiety. Additionally, there are a lot of things going on in my life right now that I don't enjoy. I also want to pursue my hobbies and study more. Additionally, there are those persons to whom I dislike and there are also those persons to whom I like but not their behaviour’s. I also want to disappear somewhere no one can find me and leave everything behind. On the other hand, I also have a ton of obligations on both of my shoulders. My family and I are facing financial difficulties, and everyone (including God) is aware of how costly Mumbai is and how important it is to meet our necessities. What then should I do? Naturally, I can't just sit here and be at ease; I have to go outside and work all day, putting my hobbies and everything else on hold. I have to go on from here. Therefore, nobody can quit during this stage, but everyone should understand that finding inner peace and happiness is just as incredibly important as finishing your tasks. In actuality, IP and IH are more significant.
That's all, and I followed suit. The most significant thing is that I have learned how to maintain my happiness under all conditions and in all spheres of life. I travel (locally), I enjoy (despite challenges), I have fun (in little things), and I stay happy (with everyone using the simple three words I DON'T CARE), being in love and have happy family (with greater love, care, support, and satisfaction). And I anticipate the same from all of YOU.

Everything is important in life- goals, families, responsibilities, etc. but our spirit, our choices and our real smile is also equally important. Actually, more than that! Ohh haa! Have you heard about LKK? LKK is very worst. Our IP and IH cannot mix with LKK (Log Kya Kahenge). That L will never come in our sorrows and will never support, then why should we concern about that L in our decisions, choices and in our life? Think about it. I never considered about LKK in my life and that’s why I am very free and opened. So, for achieving IP & IH, stay away from LKK.

Run behind whatever you desire, but without abandoning or neglecting your soul (i.e., Your IP & IH.).
That will be the pinnacle of your life's accomplishments. Stay Joyful ??.

TIPS for inner self-
1. Be true to yourself and love yourself.
2. Remain joyful and resilient under all conditions.
3. Love, care, and respect for those close to you.
4. Keep Hypertension under control.
5. Be straightforward and honest.
6. Recognize the difference between right and wrong and make proper decisions.
7. Give yourself permission to enjoy life to the fullest.
8. Go on adventures and create memories.
9. Accept what you cannot change
10. Deep breathing and proper sleep.
11. Avoid comparing yourself with others.
12. Forgiveness.
13. Avoid LKK.

So, what do you think? you have to only run, or you also have to sit with peace? Is only external success necessary or also inside real happiness? Are formalities more essential than happiness? Can anything in this world buy IP or IH?
So, guys, I hope this blog will be useful to you in your daily lives.





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